Fetching Fur Dog Grooming  

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Nina Lehtonen CMG 

Owner of Fetching Fur Dog Grooming, Award Winning, Creative Dog Stylist Nina Lehtonen is a Canadian Certified Master Groomer, Providing Top Quality Grooming to Pets in the Abbotsford/Lower Mainland Area.

Professionally Grooming for 9 years she is one of the Top Stylist using hand scissoring skills which is becoming a dying art with most new groomers.
With her moto of Humanity before Vanity all her Grooms Cater with gentle handling as a focal point.

Proudly the only Canadian chosen, Nina had her Creative skills and quirkyness showcased on TLC Special "Extreme Poodles", showing some of the behind the scenes of Creative Dog Grooming Competition. Because of her Passion for her dogs and styles Nina has been interviewed by  BC Morning News, Pop Eater, TV Guide and The Todays Show in New York. 
Nina has aslo created many FUN CRAZY Youtube videos about her dogs and the creative hair cuts. Some of them have starred in childrens programs in the UK, Austrailia and the States. "When you love what you do it Shows!"
As one of the top stylist she has won a few top placements in grooming competitions in the USA and Canada. And now Teaches  some creative seminars at shows.

Look out for a special on Animal Planet coming out April 2013

Jennifer Davies CMG

Jennifer Davies is an award winnng Certified Master Dog Groomer at Fetching Fur.
 Over the ten years that Jennifer has been grooming, her attention to detail, skills at hand scissoring and ability to do a precision haircut has made her a master groomer of exceptional high quality.     
    Along with her credentials and skills, the passion and love that Jennifer has for dogs also makes her a groomer with a gentle touch and sincere concern about each individgual dogs whole well being.
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